In Touch With Wordpress And GitHub

Information Technology constantly evolves. A lot of new technologies are introduced regularly. Some of them will replace currently established technologies but the others will rest unused. So it is obvious for IT practitioner to learn new technologies regularly.

Since last year, I've also been learning 2 new technologies through my own project. They are Wordpress and GitHub. Getting in touch with these in my own project allow me to learn by practice, trial and error. (Yes, I have quite high score in intrapersonal skill -- see multiple intelligence introduction).

Wordpress is currently the most popular software for publishing on web. I use wordpress to develop my website which is targeted for sunday school community. Through this project I learn many things about web development, security, plugins and also buzzwords around them, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web analytic and cloud software.

I also learn about GitHub which is a new kid in software revision control arena. It is based on Git, a software revision control developed by Linus Torvald, the father of GNU/Linux. GitHub itself is a web software solution and has free plan for personal or organization use.

I use GitHub as a repository for my Recaptcha for Wordpress plugin. It is my first wordpress plugin. Well, not a brand new plugin actually but a fork of unmaintained wp-recaptcha plugin. I add custom style option so we can display recaptcha using our own defined style.

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